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Is a court fee a tax? Is the fee at a municipal parking deck a tax? What about a parking meter? Or the entrance fee to a state park? Or the royalties that oil companies pay to drill on government land? I suppose these are all taxes, since the money from these sources supports government operations.

Howard Rodgers

Yes these are actually ALL taxes, the proof is in the ability to use receipts from ALL of the above mentioned ideas by companies and corporations for tax purposes as business expenses. My annual state park pass is deductible, as are my parking fees when used for business expenses. Court fees are also deductible by businesses along with royalties (subsidies). Nice try. The idea that a toll is nothing more than a donation or bribe to use a public road is idiotic. Your linked website would indicate that you either work for the Govt or are a contracted employee of the Govt. and you have a vested interest in the toll (TAX) system.


I have no ties to the government. Why did the website give you that impression? You can read about me and my website by clicking on the "About" link.

I think your definition of tax is overly broad. Virtually no one would consider a state park pass a tax. Where is written that a payment is a tax if it's deductible? You can deduct part of your bus fare, too, but bus fare is not a tax.

Furthermore, if tolls were taxes, I doubt that advocates of lower taxes would support road pricing. The Cato Institute and Reason Foundation both support road pricing.


My first question is why Howard Rogers is complaining! The man drives 45 miles each way to work each day consuming huge amounts of fuel, driving up fuel prices, polluting the environment, clogging Atlanta roads and complaining about what others are stealing from him!

My second question is who is Howard Rogers? What kind of vehicle does he drive? Is it a gas-guzzler? Is he rich or poor? Why can’t he move closer to work or get a new job closer to home? Did he choose a home far from his job so he could live a suburban life with a big house and lawn? Why should we build more and more free lanes to support his wasteful life style? Why should we let him keep stealing from the rest of us? If he wants a fast commute, make him pay!

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