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, Oh, a person is very lucky to say that, but woudn't you want to pay a ltltie and then finance the rest? It will surely build your credit! I told him I wasn't interested and that I was looking and we would be fine. He said Well if you'd like to step into my office we could discuss some options on getting you into a car today! I said I'm sorry, but no thanks. I told him literally to Go away like 5 times before finally I decided to give in. I snickered at my boyfriend because I was just going to play with this guys head. The first thing when I got into his office he asked me for my social. I said, Excuse me? I'm not going to give you that. My credit won't matter since I'll be paying in cash if I decide to actually BUY one in the future . He asked me who in my family had a good credit history. I told him, well my mom has perfect credit. He went on to talk about how most people just get a kia to up their credit score and then sell in in a few months (which was very desperate). He finally got to the point of asking me about 10 times for my mothers contact information saying We can decide on the payment plan and all you'll have to do is pick the color! He left for about 5 minutes to talk to his manager while we just got up and left. He came running after us and finally after our car after realizing we were had decided on leaving.Though one Mazda dealer let me test drive a brand new Mazda 6 when I was 18. I still want a mazda 6 omgomg. But not right now. I'm in college.Car salesmen in general are just, well annoying. But if you think about it, they make only so many sales in a period of time and have to go home and feed their wife and children or their chijuajua.

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